Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her is now a summon mod

Elden Ring Let Me Solo Hero summon mod

I’d mod a lot more summons than this

The Elden Ring spirit ashes summon system is fantastic, and now you can add another one to the pile with a Let Me Solo Her mod.

As a reminder, “Let Me Solo Her” is a player who recently went down in Elden Ring history for helping players with one of the toughest optional bosses in the game, which you can read about in full spoilery fashion here. Apparently they attempted the boss over 200 times (with summons), and after succeeding, they decided to pay it forward and help everyone else clear it: with a memorable getup and loadout to boot.

Let Me Solo Her mod

They are now immortalized in mod form, which was created by the Garden of Eyes Patreon, and shared below in video form (note the spoilers in the video for several endgame bosses!). True to form, the Let Me Solo Her mod NPC summon uses dual katanas (rivers of blood +9 is the key in the player build), and can take on bosses on their own.

Again, the spirit ash summon system in Elden Ring is fantastic, and the fact that this framework is even here for a mod like this to exist is stunning. I love how you can play the game completely solo as usual, and summon the occasional helper if you want — and customize/level them up to your liking. It adds a whole new level of build adaptation to the From Software formula.

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