This Elden Ring mod lets you summon the very bosses that gave you a hard time

Elden Ring summon mod

A useful Elden Ring summon mod

Another Elden Ring summon mod is ready to go, but this one is fairly comprehensive in that it allows an array of characters to do your bidding.

Created by satoshi98, this wildly successful mod has roughly 17,000 downloads at the time of publication, and allows you to summon a wide array of characters to do your bidding. That includes story NPCs, as well as straight-up bosses: like late-game bosses, a few of which are the toughest Elden Ring has to offer.

Obviously balance isn’t really a concern here, it’s more of a fun little thing you can do on a subsequent run for fluff/lore reasons. Suffice to say I won’t put the gallery below for spoiler-related reasons, but a few of these match-ups would actually make sense from a story perspective. There’s a few alterations that were made to get some of the non-combat characters working, but the bosses are fairly close to what you’d see normally.

The creation of this mod came about when the modder decided that they “wanted to travel with a follower in tow,” a la Skyrim, so they crafted the ability to do so for themselves. In order to utilize the mod’s summoning capabilities, you’ll basically just purchase the ability to summon each character.

Note that there might be issues with the mod (which is not exclusive to this particular package) if you have a version 1.03.3 save file. The full instructions for how to prevent and fix this are in the Q&A section at the bottom of the landing page.

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