Elden Ring has shipped 13.4 million global units since launch

elden ring 13 million shipments

Elden Ch-Ching

To say that FromSoftware’s Elden Ring has taken the gaming community by storm would be something of an understatement. In fact, according to publisher Bandai Namco, the challenging RPG has already shipped an incredible 13.4 million copies worldwide since its launch back in February of this year.

Elden Ring, currently available on PlayStation and PC platforms, was always destined for some form of greatness — given the pedigree of the development team and the furious hype engine driving the title toward its release — but it seems that nobody was quite anticipating the staggering success that the title has received. Elden Ring has become the game of 2022 to date, and it would seem foolish to bet against it as a Game of the Year champion once December rolls around.

Like so many mega-smash releases, the furor around the title becomes about much more than simply playing a great game. Elden Ring has won over a huge community of fans with its deep lore, roster of intriguing characters, incredible worlds, nightmarish enemies, creative mods, and strange eccentricities. In a season jam-packed with major releases, Elden Ring has found a way to stand far and away from the pack, becoming something of a premier release among premier releases.

And it’s still early days for the title, as both the hardcore fanbase and the more nonchalant of players will dig further into its grim ‘n’ gothic mysteries as the year progresses, while creators will continue to develop their own fan art projects pulled directly from the world of The Lands Between. Elden Ring is something of A Happening, clearly reflected in its incredibly impressive success the world over.

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