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DOSUKOI! E. Honda makes his grand return in Street Fighter 6

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As previously announced, one of the series veterans that will be making their grand return to the ring will be the jovial but devastating sumo champion, E. Honda!

Having debuted in 1991’s genre-defining Street Fighter II, E. Honda has long been one of the franchise’s heaviest hitters, second only to Zangief in his ability to dish out incredible damage in close quarters. Honda is feared throughout the fighting world for having mastered his own weight and momentum, capable of incredible feats of mobility despite his huge frame. At heart a noble, cheerful man, Honda is nonetheless a mountain of an opponent, quick to close the distance and to bring the fight to a swift end.

From the trailer, we can already see that Honda is bringing his typical M.O. to Street Fighter 6. A charge character, Honda is capable of multiple torpedo headbutts, and can lock his opponent down with his famous Hundred-Hand-Slap — one of Street Fighter‘s most iconic moves. In addition, Honda is equipped with powerful grabs and command throws, allowing him to terrify grounded opponents and ensure cornered foes stay cornered. In Street Fighter V, Honda was a nightmare due to the unbelievable safety of many of his moves. It remains to be seen whether his SF6 iteration will be equally as fearsome.

Street Fighter 6 launches on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox on June . Be sure to check out our other reports on the game in its current state, 50 things I loved about the beta, as well as CJ Andriessen’s experience with the Modern control system, and a list of Do’s and Do Not Do’s for the new sequel.

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