Thief Vocation in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Dragon’s Dogma 2: Best Vocations Tier List

Master the multiple arts as an Arisen.

The starting lineup of Vocations isn’t too challenging to choose from, given the select few presented. But as time passes, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the new choices, featuring 10 altogether. To make the decision easier, here’s a Dragon’s Dogma 2 best vocations tier list.

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Best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Classes and Tier List

Vocations differ depending on your combat style, but a few offer a much more balanced approach for any type of player. While the S tier features the best of the best, the lower C tier can be difficult to master, especially for RPG beginners.

Warfarer class in Dragon's Dogma 2
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S Tier Vocations

The S tier Vocations prove to be the most beneficial classes in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Not only do they deal a high amount of damage, but they also excel in defensive strategies to last longer in battle.

  • Thief – The Thief Vocation is ruthless, to say the least. It has one of the best, if not the best, damage rates in the game, making it almost too easy in battle. The Weapon Skill, Formless Feint, heightens its value through its advanced evasive tactics. I can’t tell you how many times this Vocation has saved me in a pinch, even if it’s equipped with a Pawn.
  • Magick Archer – The Magick Archer is the perfect blend of long-range hits and support. Almost all the attacks can take down small or large foes in a flash, whether it be through the Frostseeker Bolt or Ricochet Seeker. I’ve seen large creatures like Ogres and Minotaurs go down in a measly few seconds, just from the shot of the Martyr’s Bolt. The Vocation also has the power to heal allies from a distance.
  • Warfarer – Considering that Warfarer allows you to wield a variety of weapons, it had to make it to the top of the list. No longer will you worry about having the right tool, as it combines every class at any point in time.
Sorcerer Class in Dragon's Dogma 2
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A Tier Vocations

The Vocations for the A tier are almost at the tip of the iceberg, but a few minor things hold it back. They are still fantastic, nevertheless, and you may end up using them for the entire playthrough.

  • Sorcerer – The Sorcerer focuses on heavy-hitting attacks through the power of the elements. Spells like Meteoron and Maelstorm are incredibly OP due to their wide range and robust damage rates. The charge-up times can sometimes slow you down, though, so adversaries can halt incantations.
  • Mystic Spearhand – This Vocation is an excellent balance between brute force and magic. I wish I could place the Mystic Spearhand at the S tier, but it does suffer a bit concerning long-range attacks. Still, its damage rates are pretty high, and its Mirror Shelde withstands almost every opponent’s attacks.
  • Warrior – While Warriors aren’t as fast as Thieves, the Vocation continues to hold up in both offensive and defensive strategies. Its weapon selection of Greatswords and Hammers proves most valuable in battle. Thanks to its skill of withstanding enemy attacks, the Vocation won’t make you fall down as easily as others.
Fighter class in Dragon's Dogma 2
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B Tier Vocations

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s B-tier Vocations focus more on the starter classes. These are ones that are beneficial for the game’s early stages but not for later down the road.

  • FighterDragon’s Dogma 2’s Fighter class is a great starter style for any player. But after you unlock the other Vocations, its damage isn’t as overwhelming as the S or A tiers.
  • Mage – Like Fighter, Mage doesn’t quite live up to Sorcerer damage wise, yet it can be excellent for Support roles. The Vocation’s curative magic always comes in clutch when needed, and some attacks can be brutal when charged long enough.
Trickster class in Dragon's Dogma 2
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C Tier Vocations

Last on our tier list of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s best Vocations is the C class. These Vocations are on the low end of the damage spectrum, generally only excelling in one aspect.

  • TricksterThis Vocation more or less leans toward a certain niche, where players create illusions to throw off opponents. It’s interesting to see a new take on combat, but the damage rates are nothing to write home about. Most times, this Dragon’s Dogma 2 class forces you to rely on the rest of the team while you stir up trouble on the battlefield
  • ArcherDragon’s Dogma 2’s early stages present many flying enemies that are hard to deal with melee-wise. That’s where the Archer comes into play to help with the challenging long-range attacks. On the other hand, the Vocation isn’t too tremendous with damage and requires buying/finding special arrows. As much as its combat style looks cool, especially with the multi-shot Manifold, it doesn’t impact the enemy’s health bar much.

Even with this tier list of the best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Vocations, everyone’s playstyle is different. So, others may suit you much better. Luckily, there’s no limit to changing your classes throughout the game, which can undoubtedly help out in the long run. Each Vocation is impressive in its own right, and it shouldn’t take too long until you’ve truly mastered a skill.

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