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Spellbound – Where to find Meteoron in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Magick from the heavens.

Meteoron is one of the most powerful sorcerer spells in Dragon’s Dogma 2, if not the maximum utmost. It can absolutely annihilate enemies big and small, and it’s given to you by a little girl. This happens after the quest, Spellbound. To get you on the path to catastrophic damage fast, here’s how to get Meteoron and where to start the Spellbound quest.

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Where is the Spellbound quest location?

Spellbound begins north of Melve in an easy-to-miss cabin called Eini’s House. Pay it a visit, and you’ll meet Trysha, who is despondent over the fact that her Grandmother won’t teach her magick. Instead, she turns to you. She asks you to find her 5 magical tomes that she can learn from.

Note that Trysha will not talk to you if there’s a grandparent present. To solve this issue, I simply picked up her grandfather, hauled him out of the house, dropped him a few feet away, and then went back and spoke to Trysha. Problem solved.

How to complete Spellbound

There are five books to find in Spellbound. If you check your quest log, Trysha has given you hints on where to find each one. However, here, we can get more specific.

Let There Be Light Trysha tells you her father has a copy of this in Checkpoint Rest Town but neglects to tell you who her father is. Her father is Myriddin, and his house can be found up the hill on the east side of the town. He’ll insult your clothing and lock the door. You might be able to get in by switching to finer raiments (courtly tunic and breaches), but I just jumped onto the nearby wall and leapt over to his balcony. If he spots you, he will attack, but you can just grab the book and run. I’m not sure if killing him has a negative consequence, so I wouldn’t recommend it. He has a quest of his own if you don’t wreck him.

Fulminous Shield – This book is found in Melve. There’s a trader (guy with a backpack) near the gate who has it for sale.

Nation’s Death Knell – This one doesn’t tell you where it is, but I found it in the Waterfall Cave, which has entrances east and northeast of the fort. In fact, if you remember where you crashed on the Griffin at the beginning of the game, that’s where you need to go. The Griffin will be gone and you can enter the cave. Note that you’ll have to fight a Lich to get the book, so be prepared.

Howling Blizzard – By the time I did the Spellbound quest, I already had a few Howling Blizzard books in my inventory. However, conveniently, you can find a copy in the Waterfall Cave alongside Nation’s Death Knell.

Towering Earth – To get this book, you’ll need to have done the Cage Magistrate quest and saved Waldhar. If you have, all you need to do is visit him in The Gracious Hand’s vaults, and he’ll give you the book. He’ll tell you how powerful it is and warn you of it, so you know it’s a good idea to give it to a little girl.

At this point, I want to mention that most of these books are not unique to the quest. The only ones that I’m not sure if I’ve found duplicates of are Let There Be Light and Towering Earth, but I also sold all my unneeded tomes. Ibrahim carries lost quest items, but they don’t show up if you’ve sold them, so my guess is that each one can be re-obtained.

However – and this is important – you only need to give Trysha some of the tomes. I gave her four, but I’m told that three will suffice. This may affect your final reward, but you’ll still be able to get Meteoron. This doesn’t happen immediately when you bring her the tomes, so don’t panic, that comes after the quest.

I’ve also been told that you should forge the tomes at Ibrahim’s Scrap Store so you can give the forgeries to Myriddin and the real ones to Trysha. I haven’t tested that yet, but I also don’t doubt it, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Once you give Trysha enough of the tomes, she’ll thank you. You’re then tasked with returning after a few days.

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Return to Trysha

When you return to finish the Spellbound quest, all hell has broken loose. Trysha has lost control of her magick and is attacking everything in the area. Who could have guessed that powerful arcane magick would not be safe in the hands of a child?

You’re apparently supposed to have Trysha exhaust her magick, then grab her when she’s tired. She’ll lose consciousness, and then you’ll need to return to her a little later.

I say “apparently” because I killed her. BUT! I immediately used a wakestone to bring her back to life. It might be a good idea to have on handy in case you’re as reckless as I am. The funny result of this is that my logbook said both that “Trysha lost her life” and “You exhausted Trysha’s magick reserves.” It counts as a success if you resurrect her with a wakestone, at least if you do it immediately.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Meteoron Spell
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How to learn Meteoron in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You don’t need to wait long for Trysha to come back around. I went to the nearest camp just outside of Eini’s House and slept for the night. When I went back, Trysha was up and about, which is impressive since she was briefly dead not a day earlier. She’ll tell you that she’s now allowed to learn magick, since now she has to control it. She’ll give you a Cast Stone (a Mage wand) and 3000 G.

However, if you talk to her again. She’ll give you the Conjurer’s Jottings. Reading this will unlock the Meteoron ability for your Sorcerer. Note that in order to use this, you must have the Sorcerer vocation unlocked.

Meteoron is an incredibly destructive spell. It rains down flaming rocks that cause explosions on contact with the ground. It can’t be used without ample headroom, so it’s a no-go in tight caves. It also takes a very long time to cast and cannot be hastened. However, it causes incredible damage to even the most hardened foes. Even the drakes that may harrow you later in the game can be taken down with this spell. Don’t worry about friendly fire as you and your Pawns won’t be harmed by it. It is absolutely incredible and very fun to use.

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