Dragon Ball Fusions will be fusing a little earlier than expected

Won’t have to wait 16 episodes for a conclusion

Unlike most of the Frieza Saga, Dragon Ball Fusions will be hitting store shelves ahead of schedule. You won’t have to wait a perpetual 30 minutes for this game to explode on your 3DS. There won’t be any reused animation cels in this game. Other jokes about Dragon Ball Z.

Seriously, though, Dragon Ball Fusions will now be launching on November 22, 2016. This news came by way of Bandai Namco which also included a “cornucopia” (their words) of screenshots. I guess having this in time for Thanksgiving will give kids something to do when the adults start waxing nostalgia and blaming millennials about their problems.

Whether or not the game ends up good is anyone’s guess. Dragon Ball games don’t have the best legacy, but Xenoverse 2 is pretty neat, so anything could happen.

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