Double Fine Psychodyssey

A new Double Fine documentary following Psychonauts 2 is out now

2 Player Productions delves into the PsychOdyssey of Psychonauts 2

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The collaboration that created Double Fine Adventure is back with a new documentary. Today, 2 Player Productions and Double Fine Productions premiered Double Fine PsychOdyssey, a detailed documentary following the development of Psychonauts 2.

Up on both YouTube and the Internet ArchiveDouble Fine PsychOdyssey is 32 episodes long, with some pretty hefty runtimes. Alongside following the development of Psychonauts 2, there’s also a mini-movie in the middle following Amnesia Fortnight, the studio’s special brainstorming and prototyping event it holds every so often.

Much like Double Fine Adventure did with the development of Broken AgeDouble Fine PsychOdyssey looks to be a pretty deep and also human look into the creation of a game. You can see a little bit of it in the trailer here.

Making the game

It’s good to see transparency in how games are made, and how the people who make them go through the process. You’d be hard-pressed to find as interesting a subject as Double Fine, too.

The development of Psychonauts 2 took a while, and a lot happened for Double Fine over the course of it. Getting a look into how those events panned out, as well as how the team tackled making a sequel to the original Psychonauts, certainly sounds like it would be an interesting watch.

Most of the Double Fine PsychOdyssey episodes are pretty long, so settle in for a watch. But hey, with the weekend ahead, it seems like a great time to settle in and watch a game get made. Find all of the episodes in the playlist here.

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