Do trees grow back in Sons of the Forest?

Do trees grow back in Sons of the Forest?


Wood is such a valuable resource, so you’d hope that trees grow back in Sons of the Forest. You’ll be creating a campfire, crafting new resources with the wood, and making a spear among many other uses.

Here’s exactly how the tree system works in Sons of the Forest and whether or not you should be worried about deforestation in your game’s landscape.

Will trees grow back in Sons of the Forest?

Regrow Trees Sons of the Forest
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Thankfully, all of the trees will grow back in Sons of the Forest. The saplings from the tree will regrow in an alternate location from where the original was. It will take some time, however, to see a new tree take the older one’s place. You’ll have to wait multiple day and night cycles for the trees to grow back in Sons of the Forest. 

If you want to improve your wood-chopping process, you should upgrade to the Modern Axe if you still have the standard one given to you at the beginning of the game. You can find that near a cave south of the closest purple GPS point to the crash site.

What can you make with wood?

There are all types of resources you can make with wood. For example, a defensive wall can be created to protect yourself against any wandering animals or enemies stalking their prey (you). You can also make a campfire, where you can save your progress in Sons of the Forest. With this survival game being so deadly, you’ll certainly want to save often. While you’re exploring and gathering wood, you should also try to find a Winter Jacket in the game.

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