Sons of the Forest Winter Jacket Location
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How to get the winter jacket in Sons of the Forest

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Changing seasons isn’t something you often see in a game as large as Sons of the Forest, so don’t let winter catch you by surprise. Certain tasks can become harder as the water freezes and the air gets colder, and the best way to mitigate this is to carry a torch. However, that can get in the way of holding options, so your next best option is to find the winter jacket.

Like many things in the Early Access build of Sons of the Forest, the Winter jacket is found west of the snow-capped mountain. However, unlike, say, the shovel or the zipline gun, you can’t rely on map markers to find it. This is because, rather than being located in a cave or around a GPS marker, it’s rather just inside a red tent beside a waterfall.

Sons of the Forest Winter Jacket
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To make it easier, the camp where the jacket is located is beside the lake that is closest to the airfield. The airfield is one of the most visible, non-marked locations on the map, appearing as a long strip of light-green. On that lake is a waterfall, and at the base of that waterfall is the camp.

The jacket is located within one of the tents in that camp beside a skeleton. There are usually a few other good items to loot sitting around, but be warned: there’s also a stereo. Maybe it’s just me, but every time I get near one of Sons of the Forest’s stereos, I always hear the worst music imaginable. Maybe you have better luck, or maybe you’ll wind up hearing that “funky groove” song.

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