How to craft a spear in Sons off the Forest
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How to make a spear in Sons of the Forest

Nothing to your name

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Starting out in the wilderness can be difficult, so you should make a spear in Sons of the Forest to protect yourself. Crash landing on this island, there is not much in your possession, so you’ll need some vital tools to start your exploration, including the spear.

Be prepared to gather materials. You’ll need to venture into the forest and search for your own supplies to create your very first weapon in Sons of the Forest. 

Where to find the materials

Tape Sons of the Forest
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To start spearing your foes, you’ll need two wooden sticks, a roll of tape, and a knife. Thankfully, you already have a knife in your possession. The other two are a little more difficult. A roll of tape can be found near the crash site. Keep searching until you find a red suitcase. It’s nearby the stream of ice-cold water. It will contain painkillers and a blue roll of tape. Tap the E key to collect the resources inside the suitcase.

Now that you have the tape, you’ll want to find two wooden sticks from the ground. Move away from the snow into the thickness of the trees. Take a left turn at the stream and walk further down the mountain. You’ll begin to see trees with no snow hanging on their leaves. It should be east of the crash site.

Because there is no snow on the ground, you can now see wooden sticks on the ground underneath the forest’s trees. Pick them up by tapping the E key, not holding it. Doing the latter will force you to equip the stick as a weapon. We don’t want to hit enemies with the stick as it’s practically ineffective. It’s unfortunate you can’t use this wood for a Log Sled yet. However, the Zipline Rope Gun will hopefully relieve your disappointment later on in the game. Regardless, you’re ready to make the spear in Sons of the Forest. 

How to craft the spear in Sons of the Forest

Wooden Sticks Sons of the Forest
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After you’ve gathered all the necessary materials, it’s time to form the spear itself. Press the I key on your keyboard to bring up your inventory. It’s quite different from the average menu as you look down at what’s been gathered in your bag. On the bottom right, you’ll find the wooden sticks. Press the right mouse button to combine them in the center of your screen. Now, find the tape at the bottom and the knife on the right-hand side next to the axe. Once all the materials are in the center of the menu, an uplifting sound will play.

You’ll also see a metal gear (!) on the top right of the center section. Press the gear and the spear will be in your possession. You can then hotkey it to gain easy access to the spear in Sons of the Forest while battling.

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