DNF Duel continues its marketing march with new ‘Online’ trailer

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Nexon’s decision to drop a brand new trailer for each and every feature in its incoming fighter DNF Duel is certainly… a choice, but I suppose it helps to communicate to the fighting game community that the plucky underdog title will be stepping into the ring loaded for bear when it arrives in June.

This latest lightning-fast video focuses specifically on DNF Duel‘s online options, which include Ranked Vs battles, a full online ranking system, player profile cards, and a replay library — an invaluable tool when it comes to rewatching and reassessing everything that you and your chosen fighter might have gotten right, or so very wrong. In all, the online options for DNF Duel look pretty standard, though it should be recalled that the Arc System Works-developed fighter will utilize snazzy rollback netcode.

After its gallery of exciting character trailers, and more than a fistful of feature trailers, DNF Duel has pretty much laid out its statement of intent over the past 15 or so months. Entering into a busy-busy market that is already packed out with great fighters, the scrapper is looking to cut itself a piece of a very popular pie. In DNF Duel’s corner is a fantastic development team and some cool-looking characters, working against it is its niche Dungeon Fighter Online branding and relative publisher obscurity.

But, when all is said and done, it looks pretty durn rad, and with a fresh summer of fighting game tournaments on the horizon, DNF Duel is sure to come out swinging. Whether it ends up taking a spot on the championship podium or simply flat on its back, looking at the lights… well… that’ll be up to the community.

DNF Duel launches June 28 on PlayStation and PC platforms. Be sure to check out the character trailers for Berserker, Grappler, Hitman, Inquisitor, Striker, Ranger, Dragon Knight, Vanguard, Kunoichi, Crusader, and Ghostblade.

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