Developer talks Dementium remastered for 3DS

Add saves, remove enemy respawns

Underrated DS horror jaunt Dementium: The War (here’s a review by Colette from 2,000 and flippin’ 7) is getting a 3DS remaster (the DS original is pictured above). It was originally pitched (and thoroughly rejected by Konami) as a Silent Hill, but wound up being its own thing and spawning a sequel. 

Renegade Kid head Jools Watsham did some tweets recently about the remaster and called for requests.

“We’re making these changes to Dementium: Adding manual save spots. Enemies no longer respawn. Adding aim sensitivity option. Any requests?” The team is also considering gyro controls.

I missed this the first time around. Missed a lot of good DS games, really. Hope I can catch this one.

Steven Hansen