Destiny’s loot is now way less aggravating

The club is full of ballers and their pockets full grown

Here we go. The patch that fixes — or, at least improves — how loot works in Destiny.

Chris already detailed the patch, which is out now, at length. But the short of it is that Legendary (purple) engrams will now always award Legendary items or higher, and Rare (blue) engrams will produce Rare items or higher. Why that wasn’t always the case is baffling. Additionally, daily and weekly missions and the Vanguard: Tiger Strike Playlist have better drops.

Gotta say, I’m glad to be holding off on Destiny for the time being. At this rate, it should be greatly improved by the time I get around to playing. It’s still early days for the game.

Update 1.0.2 – Patch Notes [Bungie] [Image]

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