Cyberpunk 2077 mod adds a rideable metro for your futuristic commute

Cyberpunk 2077 metro mod

On the midnight train to Night City

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Modders have been working hard on Cyberpunk 2077, doing everything from implementing helpful tools to new visual filters. And others like the Metro System mod add new ways of seeing Cyberpunk 2077. Like from the inside of the Night City Train.

This mod from ‘keanuWheeze’ adds a fully useable metro system to Cyberpunk 2077, with 19 stations and both first and third-person views while you ride. Just head off to one of the in-game stations, marked by the Metro sign signifier on the map. When you interact with the fast travel gates, you’ll enter the station.

Then, text at the bottom of the screen informs you where the currently incoming train will be headed, with a map pin to help as well. Entering a train is as simple as walking up and hitting interact, and you can swap between seats and viewpoints during the trip. Heck, you can even turn on the radio.

Mods can be over the top, like inserting Thomas the Tank Engine or creating a complete, massive overhaul. But I really like the Metro System mod because it adds more of that city life feel I’m looking for in Cyberpunk 2077. Being able to just hop on the train and ride around, taking in the sights, sounds great. Or maybe simulate a little bit of what life is like, especially when you don’t have future-bikes or luxury A.I. cabs to take you everywhere.

Cyberpunk 2077 itself, meanwhile, is still ramping back up from its launch. The next-gen versions of the futuristic RPG are still “on track” for 2022, as CD Projekt has reportedly entered settlement talks with investors who sued over Cyberpunk 2077‘s launch.

It seems like there’s been an upwards trend of players going back to Cyberpunk 2077 and now, after many patches and updates, finding things to enjoy. Maybe it’s time for another run? And now, one that can include a soothing, radio tunes-filled ride on the Night City metro.

You can download the Metro System mod for Cyberpunk 2077 here.

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