This mod gives Cyberpunk 2077 a Borderlands looking filter

With the power of two buggy games combined

If you’re still enjoying Cyberpunk 2077, it’s probably on PC. After all, the console editions are still buggy, the next-gen upgrade isn’t out yet, and you can’t fix the game with various mods. If you are on PC, here’s another way to get some extra oomph out of your experience.

Shared on Nexus Mods, creator Salmonella123 crafted a “Borderlands filter” that completely transforms the game’s visual effects. As they point out it’s actually a mod of another mod (SuperVision), which utilizes a depth buffer on top of contrast adjusting magic to make everything look cartoony. In order to use it, you need the latest version of Reshade.

The mod itself not only gives the game a different look and feel, but it makes everything brighter as a result. The changes are much more noticeable in certain areas, especially outdoor locations with lots of NPCs. I can see myself going for a replay with this filter on at some point!

Borderlandfy2077 [Nexus Mods]

Chris Carter
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