Oh wow, XCOM 2’s Long War 2 overhaul is out now

Need a game changer?

And here I was, about to write up a bit of late news about how Pavonis Interactive (née Long War Studios) planned “Long War 2” mega-mod for XCOM 2 would include some new types of missions, when the damn thing just up and drops onto the Steam Workshop, free for all comers.

XCOM 2 owners on PC can pick it up right now, and some are already wallowing happily in the many changes wrought by the mod. New character classes, enhanced difficulty, new tiers of weaponry, and a top-to-bottom refresh of the game’s structure are in store for those who opt to take the plunge. I haven’t tried the mod yet, but Pavonis’ other work with the first Long War mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown is very well-regarded, even by the folks at Firaxis itself. 

Just note that at the moment Long War 2 will break a whole bunch of other mods, so Commanders that want in are encouraged to clear their configuration files and try to start as cleanly as possible so as to avoid unsightly compatibility issues. 

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