Codes to unlock special figurines in Street Fighter IV 3D

I really dig the little collectable figurines in Street Fighter IV 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. I like the simple, almost random battles in that mode more than I like fighting and losing online in the real game, that’s for effing sure. 

You get most of the game’s figurines through regular gameplay, but there’s a few special ones, and Capcom was nice enough to share some codes to unlock them today. Enter code DPrkMnybCd to get this Level 7 Platinum Ryu. He’s probably going to win every match-up!

The folks at GoNintendo have an even bigger figurine hook-up. After the jump you’ll find the codes to unlock several of the special figurines in the game. Great! More typing sh*t in. I thought I was done with this crap after all those Friend Codes. 


E. Honda
uUDsTlmbUN (lower case L)

Silver Ibuki – ilMsRBabpB (el)

Silver Makoto – GHakWCTbsl (el)

Silver Juri – OfQkARpbJR

Gold Ryu – KjckTnSbwK

Gold Zangief – hinsVnebTu

Silver Gouki (Akuma) – RYSsPxSbTh

Silver Chun-Li – tLWkWvrblz (el)

Gold Guile – qeJkznDbKE

Silver Ken – NyosHgybuW

Gold Vega (Dictator) – CgIsQNWbHu (cap eye)

Silver Rose – GKkkXXtbSe

Silver Balrog (Claw) – PqUswOobWG

Silver Cody – naMkEQgbQG

Silver Sakura – uzTsXzIbKn (cap eye)

Special Gouki (Akuma) – uQHkWgYbJC

Silver Dan – rDRkkSIbqS (cap eye)


Dale North