Chibi Robo gets a 2D action platformer on 3DS and an amiibo

Chibo amiibo

Love ’em or hate ’em, the power of amiibo is undeniable. Case in point, I spoke to several people this last Friday that had just happily picked up the newly released Splatoon amiibo, but were planning to pass on the game itself, at least for the time being. They weren’t sure if the game was worth the time or the money, but couldn’t resist the allure of the amiibo. For me, that proved that Nintendo had created something that many see as more valuable than their games. It’s incredible how much value you can project onto a product by appealing to your audience’s brand loyalty, and simultaneously infusing the market with some artificial scarcity. 

I may sound cynical, but if this is what it takes for Chibo Robo to finally become a star, then I’m all for it. The first Chibi Robo is easily my favorite game about being a codependent child who defines their worth by making the rest of their family happy, and I’ve been smitten with the series ever since I played it. I mean, just listen to this bass line

The series never quite took off in the United States though, perhaps because of the chore-based, slow paced nature of the games. It looks like Nintendo is hoping that people will be more willing to give Cheebo a chance if he’s in an action-focused whip/grappling hook infused platformer. Though I loved all the prior games, this new take on the Chibi Robo is definitely exciting. 

Chibi Robo is also getting an amiibo. It will be interesting to see what sells better, the figure or the game.

Jonathan Holmes
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