Check out these great Pokemon/Moana crossovers

Pokemoana? Moanamon?

I have a friend who’s a professional movie critic, and one of his favorite movies last year was Disney’s Moana, a Hawaii-influenced take on a traditional Disney movie. One of my favorite games last year was Pokémon Sun, a Hawaii-influenced take on a traditional Pokémon title. Like mooshing chocolate into peanut butter, here’s something we can both enjoy. 

Korean artist Hallpen is responsible for the sketches, which combine some of the movie’s most iconic characters with appropriate, island-themed Pokémon. Moana herself hula dances with a Bellossom, while her Gramma Tala stands before a self-satisfied Mantine. Half-god Maui needs a link cable to trade his Graveler, and comic relief character Heihei is stuck with a Magikarp.

I love this kind of mashup, and the artwork on display here is pretty impressive. I’d like to see Tamatoa mixing it up with a Crabrawler or Pua standing with a Tepig, but maybe those would have been a little too on-the-nose.

H4llp3n [Twitter]

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