Capcom to show off 3DS games at Japanese event this month

Super Street Fighter IV 3D for the Nintendo 3DS is neat, but it’s just SSFIV. And you can play that elsewhere. Give me the good sh*t, Capcom!

They are. There’s an event going down in Tokyo’s Akihabara area later this month where Capcom will show off that new sh*t to gamers. This “3DS x Capcom Premium Demo Event” will be held at the Belle Salle event space in Akiba on the 29th of this month, and there they’ll show Mega Man Legends 3 and Resident Evil Mercenaries Go for the 3DS. It’ll all be playable for attendees. Andriasang says that MML3 will be a prototype, but I don’t think anyone’s worried about that. They’ll just want to play it.

I want to get my hands on REMG. I think it’ll be pretty good. We’ll see in a few weeks.

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