Resident Evil 4 expected to push Capcom to a record sales year

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Resident Evil 4 coming in at the final hour

Capcom has published its most recent financial report, which sees the veteran developer continuing its recent rocket success — Furthermore, the studio is quietly confident that it is on track to deliver a stellar financial year for 2022-2023, potentially one of the biggest in the history of the company.

As translated by VGC, Capcom sold around 29.1 million titles in the nine-month period ending December 2022, which represents an increase of almost five million games on the same period 2021. These numbers were led by successful sales for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which sold 2.75 million copies during this window. The fantasy RPG was followed by continued sales for older releases such as Resident Evil 2 (1.5m), Devil May Cry V (1.45 million), and Resident Evil 3 (1.35 million).

Despite these amazing unit sales figures, it should be noted that Capcom’s actual revenue for 2022 is down on the previous year, which saw the studio roll out the hugely successful Resident Evil Village. Still, the company is incredibly confident in its ability to end the current fiscal year successfully. The hugely anticipated Resident Evil 4 will arrive on PC and consoles on March 24, offering a last-minute hail mary with which could see Capcom close out the fiscal year (which ends days later) with record sales.

Capcom has been rocking steady momentum ever since January 2018 and the launch of its greatest-selling game of all time: Monster Hunter World. This release preceded a string of highly regarded new titles, equally supported by a selection of fun remasters, remakes, and retro compendiums. June 2023 sees the launch of Street Fighter 6, a title already awash in praise from critics and players, and should see Capcom roll into 2024 on the crescent of one of its best-ever financial waves.

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