Can you turn off blood in Lies of P?

Disney’s Jiminy Cricket would certainly approve.

How to turn off blood in Lies of P

Neowiz’s latest Soulslike is quite grotesque, so you might get the urge at some point to turn off blood in Lies of P. When you first start your adventure, Pinocchio’s pristine white shirt gets stained in red. It would be nice to keep it presentable and clean. Here’s whether or not you can turn off blood in Lies of P.  

You can turn off the blood in Lies of P
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Is blood in Lies of P removable?

If you find the gore disturbing and want to turn off blood in Lies of Pyou can indeed remove it. It’s fairly simple to do. Go to the menu and then select the tab that has a gear on it at the top. After that, head to the “Gameplay” tab of the options screen and under Common, it should have a “Blood” option. It’s beneath the HUD on and off section. Turn “Blood” off here. Now Pinocchio’s frilly shirt will be as white as a piece of paper.

What else can you change?

There are a few other factors in Lies of P you can alter. Motion Blur, the guide system, and even the HUD can be turned off. That last option will more easily let you take outstanding pictures, despite the lack of a photo mode.

You can also alter the following:

  • Camera Shake
  • Horizontal and vertical Camera being inverted or not
  • Camera movement speed in horizontal and vertical directions
  • Graphics mode
  • High frame rate mode
  • Controller vibration
  • Left and right stick sensitivity
  • Adjust attack direction
  • Switch to auto lock on
  • Lock on distance degree
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