Lies of P will begin spinning its tall tales this August

lies of p august release date

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Publisher Neowiz has tightened up the release window for its upcoming steampunk soulslike, Lies of P, and now expects the intriguing-looking adventure to launch on PC and consoles in August 2023.

Developed by South Korean studio Round8, Lies of P is the latest in a long line of adaptations of the Pinocchio story, and sees a puppet mechanoid endeavoring to find his lost creator, Mr. Geppetto, who is located somewhere within the dark, overbearing, Belle Epoque fictional city of Krat. Utilize Pinocchio’s mechanization to adaptively combat your opponents, while twisting elements of truth in order to further your goals, survive the hunters, and reunite with your “father”.

You can check out the action in the new trailer below, courtesy of IGN.

Appealing to me on a variety on conceptual and aesthetic levels, Lies of P is one of my most anticipated titles of the year. While I’m not yet entirely sure of its quality, the world, characters, style, and interesting use of the Pinocchio lore have piqued my interest, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing whether Round8 has successfully created a worthy entry to the rapidly over-stuffed Soulslike genre. While “August” is not exactly a release date, it’s the closest to a definitive launch we’ve had…

…Provided, of course, that someone isn’t fibbing to us.

Lies of P launches August 2023 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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