Boy stabbed to death ‘over’ a game of Tony Hawk

A 9-year-old boy was allegedly stabbed to death by a 25-year-old “friend” because of a Tony Hawk game, and this is possibly one of the most messed up game-related stories we’ve ever seen. 

According to reports, Anthony Maldonado was visiting his family in Harlem and engrossed in his new PlayStation system with his adult killer Alejandro Morales. The boy’s family had briefly left the 9-year-old in the care of Morales during the night while they were playing the Tony Hawk game. That’s when he stabbed him the chest. 

“He was a friend. I can’t believe this happened,” says the boy’s uncle, Carlos Juela. “He doesn’t act right on the street but he always minded his manners in the house.”

The boy’s grandfather apparently blamed the videogame: “”Anthony was playing … on PlayStation when his friend came and stabbed him. My grandson died over a video game.”

Quite how the game is to blame is anybody’s guess, but both the grandfather and the original news story say he was killed “over” it, despite there being no details as to how or why. Did Morales want to steal it? Did he ragequit violently? Nobody seems to know. But then, considering the fact that nobody knows if Morales was the boy’s cousin or just a family friend, I can’t be too surprised. 

In fact, there is so much wrong about this story I don’t know where to stand. First of all, what’s a 9-year-old boy doing with a 25-year-old “friend”? Second of all, why would you leave him in the care of someone who doesn’t “act right” on the streets, regardless of whether or not he “minded his manners”? Third of all, why in the blue Hell would you live in Harlem? 

This story is definitely one of the most messed up game-related stories we’ve seen.

Anthony Maldonado, 9, stabbed to death over video game while visiting family in Harlem [NY Daily News via GoNintendo]

Jim Sterling