BoxBoy website hints at possible Kirby cameo, amiibo interaction

More BoxBoy is nice

As you may have heard, BoxBoy is getting a third (and possibly final) entry on 3DS. To celebrate Nintendo is releasing it digitally and physically, and the latter will have a packed-in amiibo along with a cartridge containing all three games.

But yesterday, Nintendo decided to switch up the teaser site a bit and add in a small homage to Kirby in BoxBoy form. While this seems harmless, the series do share the same developer (HAL), so it stands to reason that this one will feature a cameo of sorts, probably in costume form.

My guess? It’s amiibo related. The BoxBoy amiibo is said to unlock a secret, so more likely than not, other figures will unlock skins.

Boxboy [Nintendo] Thanks Jeff!

Chris Carter
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