Bethesda confirms more bug fixes coming for the very-buggy Fallout 76

Invisible teammates, instant healing enemies…

So Bethesda just revealed a massive roadmap for Fallout 76 that spans all of 2019, which will funnel a ton of new content into the game as a series of free updates. The thing is, the publisher needs to get its house in order first, because 76 is still very much bug-ridden.

Some fixes are coming in the new patch, as confirmed by community manager Valseek on reddit, and thanks to some recent posts we have details on what that actually entails. Valseek confirms directly that the “next patch” will solve the issue if disappearing teammates, but other future fixes include (but aren’t limited to): bugged challenges, instant healing enemies, disappearing loot/inability to loot, legendaries without loot and M.I.R.V. weapon bugs (Fat Man multi-nuke).

Yep, there’s still plenty of work to be done. It’s interesting that Bethesda isn’t just giving up though. Who knows? While people won’t forget that Fallout 76 launched in the state that it did, it could end up being a decent game one day. More of a focus on a narrative-driven angle is really all I want, which is allegedly coming in fall 2019. It pays to wait!

Valseek [Reddit]

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