lists a Nintendo 3DS prepaid Cash Card

We’re still waiting on the May launch of the 3DS eShop. My 3DS is almost begging for an update so that I can grab games, demos, trailers and…well, anything else other than Find Mii. Stay in the dungeon. I don’t care anymore. has a preorder page up for a $20 Nintendo 3DS Cash Card. Shipping time is marked with ‘Pre-order,’ and Store Pickup says ‘coming soon.’ With this Cash Card you’ll be able to replenish your 3DS eWallet, says the site’s description of the item. The description also teases me with mention of downloadable Gameboy and Gameboy Color titles. I’m really looking forward to that.

If you get nothing else from this, at least know that we’ve got some official names here: ‘Cash Card’ and ‘eWallet.’ Psssh. Get out of here with that ‘Nintendo Points’ name.  

Dale North