Dissending for Sweets quest Hogwarts Legacy
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Dissending for Sweets quest completion guide for Hogwarts Legacy

Descending for sweets? No!

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Hogwarts Legacy has many hidden passageways and intriguing rooms to find, and the Dissending for Sweets quest is no different. Like Harry in the Prisoner of Azkaban, you’ll be venturing through a passage and arriving at Hogsmeade’s Honeyduke’s.

The reward for completing this quest is a bunch of gold and a Quidditch Board Conjuration Spellcraft that can be summoned within the Room of Requirement. Here’s how to finish the Dissending for Sweets quest in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Entering the passage and where to find the one-eyed witch statue in Hogwarts Legacy

Screenshot by Destructoid
Screenshot by Destructoid

Gareth Weasley, a descendant of Ron, is hoping you’ll help him find Dried Billywig Stings for a sweet concoction the Gryfinddor has in his mind. He’s located nearby the Great Hall by the staircase; that’s where you’ll activate the Dissending for Sweets quest. As Hermoine might correct you, it’s “Dissending for Sweets,” not “Descending for Sweets!”

You’ll discover a statue depicting a one-eyed witch in the Grand Staircase. Follow the yellow marker on the mini-map to get to the area. Once you’ve found the statue, hold the square button (X on Xbox) to enter inside. There are many other secrets in Hogwarts Legacy you can find as well, including a courtyard bridge puzzle that gives you lots of loot once solved.

Dissending for Sweets quest instructions

Dissending for Sweets lift Hogwarts Legacy
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The first thing you’ll encounter in this newfound cave is a broken lift. Your protagonist instructs you to fix it. That’s easy to do. You’ll want to equip Reparo. It’s the spell that has a blue symbol with a wand and a hammer on it. Once it’s fixed, interact with the lever inside the lift. Keep following the cave until you find a mass of spider webs. You’ll want to cast Incendio or Confringo to burn them down in this Dissending for Sweets quest.

Immediately after that, there’s a wooden platform that is illuminated in white. Equip Levioso and use it to pull the platform up. Climb on top of it and reach the rocky ledge above to get to the next area. There will be a bridge section that has a space in between it after this. Look down and you’ll see another wooden platform below. Lift it up just like the last one. Before proceeding, however, there is a chest underneath you across a pond of water.

In the second section, you’ll see a broken wooden platform. Use Reparo and then Levioso (or Wingardium Leviosa) again to fix it and then use the platform to proceed. Cast Incendio/Confringo on the next set of webs and then cast Reparo on the third broken infrastructure. This third section is different, however, as Levioso is ineffective. Instead, you’ll want to use Accio to pull the metal encasing and then proceed to levitate the platform again. Jump over to the other side and carry on running through the cavernous area.

You’re almost there. At the end of the cave, you’ll see a gate that is locked. There are two stumps next to the door. Cast Incendio or Confringo on them to open up the passage. You’re now at Honeyduke’s!

Collect the Billywig Stings for Gareth

Walk through the store’s basement and you’ll eventually find the Billywig Stings on a table next to a candle and a bucket. Press the square button (X on Xbox) to collect the ingredient.

Now, all you have to do is get back to Hogwarts through the secret pathway and return to Gareth, Billywig Stings in hand. He’ll give you some rewards, and a little bit of extra gold if you ask for it, once you talk to him again. The Dissending for Sweets quest is now complete.

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