Best 7 games similar to Fall Guys, ranked

A list full of frustrating, chaotic fun

Fall Guys seems to have just caught the end of the battle royale trend, but it’s easily one of the silliest and fun games to take on the genre. You and your friends all take on the role of a little bean-shaped creature and run the gauntlet of different obstacle courses akin to the slapstick fun of the classic American gameshow, Wipeout. Don’t forget you can also dress your bean up in all kinds of goofy costumes to make your run all the more giggle-inducing.

Of course, as much as we all love Fall Guys, any game is going to get a bit stale after we play it for a certain number of hours. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of awesome games to check out if you want to play Fall Guys, but you also don’t want to play Fall Guys. In other words, here are seven games that are just like your favorite platformer battle royale game, but different, and also ranked.

7. It Takes Two

It Takes Two‘s gameplay has a much greater focus on cooperation than Fall Guys, but maybe this Game of the Year-winning co-op adventure game could be a nice way to make up after you sabotage a friend. The game might be a bit different than what you’re used to if don’t usually reach for on-rails, storytelling-centric titles, but it could be a good change of pace if you’re up for it. You’ll certainly still have to do plenty of platforming, and It Takes Two has a beautiful, colorful art style that should satisfy even the stuffiest of Fall Guys players — if such a thing even exists.

6. Among Us

The game that took the world by storm! Among Us is another great option if you’re looking for some goofy fun with a social deduction twist. It would be the perfect time to jump in, as well, because the developers just announced a new game mode: Hide n Seek. Players have to complete tasks like usual, only the votes and decision-making have been removed to make for a more fast-paced experience, if that’s your kind of thing. All you have to focus on is doing your tasks and staying alive, which kind of sounds similar to a particular platforming battle royale game, does it not?

5. Stick Fight

Do you ever think about those old-school stick figure animations from the golden days of the internet? Because I certainly do. Now you can take on the role of your very own stick figure and beat the crap out of your friends — that’s what video games are all about, after all. Maybe you need a way to take on your friends after they threw you off of the Big Shots stage in Fall Guys, and the co-op fighting game Stick Fight absolutely has you covered.

4. Golf With Your Friends

As a lifelong mini-golf fan, I’m willing to admit that I’m partial to the sport — and that includes any silly, albeit unrealistic video game interpretations. Golf With Friends is the perfect title if you’re looking for silly ways to sabotage your friends, and lets you do it in style. You can play with up to 12 players in a game, and with a grand total of 234 different holes to play on in 13 different themed courses, it’s not likely you’ll run out of games to play anytime soon. Just get eleven of your closest friends together, and try not to wail on each other with your proverbial putters.

3. Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is widely considered one of the best co-op party games ever made, and I’m inclined to agree. You and your friends will be thrown into the kitchen, and will make progressively more complicated food in progressively precarious situations. Want to see if you can make a delicious pasta dinner in a kitchen suspended by multiple hot air balloons? You’ve got it! Want to try your hand at making mouth-watering steak over a horrifying lava pit? This one’s all you! Just make sure you don’t take things too seriously, because this game has threatened some of my friendships in a very real way.

2. Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse is one of my personal favorite party games of all time. The premise is simple — you and up to three other friends play as a delightfully adorable barnyard animal, and have to reach the goal at the end of a platforming stage to progress. The catch is that you play each map repeatedly until only one player is left standing, and in between each round, players can choose an obstacle to add to the course. Things get really chaotic really fast, and its fostering of friendly trash talk and occasional self-sabotage makes for an awesome game you won’t want to put down.

1. Gang Beasts

If you need something that’s going to capture the same slapstick-y, ragdoll ridiculousness of Fall GuysGang Beasts is your best bet. This beat-em-up co-op title can be played with up to four players, where you enter arenas full of various hazards and attempt to take out your opponents.

Gang Beasts blew up a bit on YouTube’s Let’s Play scene in the late 2010s, and it’s been a friendship-threatening staple of parties ever since. As if that wasn’t good enough, the game also still has that dress-up mechanic that we all just can’t get enough of, so you can don a silly hat or pair of glasses as your friend throws you into an industrial-grade grinder.

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