Nintendo says a physical Switch edition of the first Bayonetta is coming ‘later this year’

Bayonetta Switch physical edition

On top of the Trinity Masquerade Special Edition of Bayonetta 3

A Bayonetta Switch physical edition is coming “later this year,” according to Nintendo, who will be providing more info at a later date.

The news was revealed with the Bayonetta 3 launch date trailer this week, but Nintendo has separately clarified a bit on how that distribution of the first game will go down.

Since collectors will be itching for any kernel of info, here is everything we have on the Bayonetta Switch physical edition, straight from Nintendo

  • It’s priced at $30, MSRP
  • It’ll be a standalone physical release on September 30, 2022
  • “A limited number of the Bayonetta physical version will be available to pre-order via select retailers and available at launch in the My Nintendo Store”
  • The Masquerade Edition of Bayonetta 3 will contain three game sleeves, one for Bayonetta 1

Hopefully the rollout will be smooth, and will provide plentiful options/stock, with safeguards in place for bots/scalpers. That will totally happen you all.

But really folks! Ideally, none of these retailer drops will be “two-minute sellouts at 2AM Eastern time,” or riddled with hours-long login queues. This isn’t a special edition, it’s a $30 re-release.

That said, there is a special edition in the works for Bayonetta 3: the aforementioned Masquerade Edition. You can get a look at it here:

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