Azure Striker Gunvolt sells 150,000 digitally on 3DS


If there’s one recent release that’s underrated, it’s Azure Striker Gunvolt. It’s a fantastic little take on the Mega Man ZX series, and hey, we’re probably going to get two of them before Mighty No. 9 is out.

It turns out that it’s not actually that under-appreciated though! The official Twitter account is reporting that they’ve reached a milestone of 150,000 sold on 3DS, no doubt assisted by the free Mighty Gunvolt giveaway near launch and tons of sales. That also doesn’t include the PC edition.

But either way, congratulations to the team. The 3DS eShop is still very much a viable platform, which is a huge turnaround from the awful WiiWare and DSi era storefronts.

gunvolt_official [Twitter]

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