Art Attack Friday: GrumpyTurtle

Art Attack Friday is all about Destructoid’s very own GrumpyTurtle today. The guy has been drawing like crazy since February and hasn’t stopped yet. 

GrumpyTurtle loves taking videogame characters and throwing them into weird situations. Some examples of this include the Mario Bros. showing off their perfect bodies, a Goomba as Solid Snake, Toad wearing Princess Peach’s clothes to much more. GrumpyTurtle has also done a few tributes to the staff of Destructoid which include Chad, Mr. Destructoid, Jim, Anthony and Aaron Linde

GrumpyTurtle started off with simple black and white pieces but he’s gone back and started to color in most of his works. Be sure to check out his Flickr page as well as his Community blog to keep up with all of GrumpyTurtle’s drawings. 

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