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Pre PAX art dump

Well, PAX is coming up shortly. I'll be lucky enough to be one of the people going. Before I leave Thursday, I'd figure I'd throw up a quick art blog(sorry they aren't colored, but like I said, quick art blog). This time I'm focusing on Le...


Almost a year ago Mikey and I drew something...

Last year at PAX I met Destructoid artist Mikey. Being we're both quiet reclusive artist types, we spent most of the time together. About halfway through the weekend I decided I wanted to draw something with Mikey. (Also, if you're not awar...


New art blog. A mix of class and crass.

Alrighty, I managed to bang some more art out. Lets see what my head pooped out shall we? I've got some class, and some....... Not... Class... At all. Mario as Clark Gable. Why? I donno. I think it has something to do with the ears. Yoj...


New art blog. More oldie time art

Alright folks. I managed to get some more art out of my head. Keeping with my last blogs theme there's a lot of 30s and 40s movie stars as Mario characters. But I know that that's not everyone's cup of tea, so I've tossed some other stuff i...


New art from me. 12 new drawings of random crap!

Well, it seems as though I've been able to draw a bit recently, and of course, I want to share them with my Destructoid family. There's a lot here, and if you're an old movie snob, you'll hopefully enjoy a good deal of them. And hopefully I...


New art blog! It's been forever I know.

It's been awhile Destructoid. I'm sorry, my comedy juices dried up. But I think I'm starting to get them back. Going and playing old NES games helps me think of things. So hopefully I'll post more art from now on. But enough of this talking...


Videos from the NW NARP

Last weekend I attended a NARP held my Scion of Mogo. And if you saw DeBloo's post, you know it twas awesome. But I know you don't care about all that, you just want the videos to see if it was all that it was cracked up to be, and if you ...


Know what I get to do?

Attend PAX for the first time with all you lovely Dtoid type people! I'm so ready to be overwhelmed. Not only by the amount of stuff to see and do, but mostly by how awesome my fellow toid people are going to redoubtably be! I know Mikey ...


Why I love Destructoid

I don't need any other video game site. Since I found Destructoid all other sites are dead to me. Destructoid got me back into art. Destructoid keeps me deep in the sarcasm I crave. Destructoid shared the Portland Dtoid group with me, I ...


Humor in Videogames (With Splosion man video)

So I was playing through Splosion Man, and I got to thinking about humor in videogames, and why it seems as though funny games are good, and games that try to be funny fail and aren't. Most often suck. Lets use a recent game and an old gam...


A long overdue post (with art and setup 3.0)

Egad it's been awhile since I posted a blog. I'll be honest, I burnt myself out, I took on way too much art in a short time and overloaded. It was quite awhile before I even wanted to hold a pencil again. But I think I'm back, and I'll try ...


Well isn't this a nice change? (Thanks Togail!)

So this is a nice little announcement for me, I'm going to be trying something different for a little bit. You'll still get to see the same messed up disturbing imagery you've come to expect from me, but it's going to be slightly more contr...


Work Doodles 4/27/09(Disturbing post)

A new batch of new drawings for you all... And possibly the most horribly, awesomely, offensive thing ever. I'll be honest too, none of these were drawn at work, which let me focus on them more... But work doodles is just the name of the bl...


Latest batch of colored art

Alright, here's my last batch of colored art for a bit. Going to go back to drawing the black and white stuff for a bit. Plus it's less time consuming, and as of right now, time is not my friend. But anyhoo, without further adieu, here's to...


A couple more colored drawings

After I finish the last few coloring jobs I have in my "to do" folder, I'll be going back to some original line art. Hopefully I've stock piled enough random ideas to get a good deal of humor out of my head, we'll see! Anyhow, here's today'...


A quick bit o' coloring

Well not really that quick... Both these took a lot longer then I thought they were going to, several hours really... So sadly, only two images today, but hopefully they are purdy to look at. So here they are! There ya go RonBurgandy2010,...


More colored artwork finished

Either I'm getting faster, or these images were easy to color. Since I managed to bust out quite a few in just a day, without a lot of time to do them. So without further stalling, here's some coloring images for y'all! If you kill Tom No...


Another batch of colored artwork

Between rock band and all this coloring, I think my wrists are going to implode. Oh well, what is art if you don't suffer for it? Even if in this case it is in the wussiest way possible. Anyhow, here's another batch of colored art, for some...


Some more finished drawings

I sadly had a busy weekend, so I didn't get to color any pieces, so most of my free time this week will be spent pumping out colored versions of my old drawings. Sorry you all have to see stuff I've already done before, but this also helps...


A buttload of handcramping colored drawings

Well I pretty much spent my day coloring, from waking to heading to work. My fingers are a bit cramped up from using the mouse all day, but hopefully it was worth it. Here's drawings! My Yojimbo drawing all colored up... I had his robe c...


Colored trio of drawings

I managed to get three drawings colored today. Probably due to the fact they aren't detailed... And I finally finished Saints row 100%... Now the question is, send it back to gamefly? Or wait and see if the DLC is any good? Oh well... Here'...


Final Colored Resident Evil

I swear... Next time I'm doing an easier one... Maybe... Anyhow, after a few hand cramps and some squinting at many pixels, I've got one of my more enjoyable drawings done. So here's my colored Resident Evil drawing! (Sorry it cut off a ...


Finished Mario Bro. Sears Portrait

Well, awhile back I said I never wanted to do another coloring job with a mouse... But here I am, having just today finished this piece... With a mouse... Ah well... At least it turned out alright. I'll be doing more this week as well. hope...


work doodles 3/27/9

Week end is finally here, which probably means more Peggle... Damn addictive game... Anyway... DRAWINGS!! You know what RonBurgandy2010, I drew your "molasses going uphill in January. On crutches." and it turned out just as exciting as I ...


Work doodles 3/26/9

Another day, another load of my horrible brain juice splashed onto some pages. Sadly, I ran out of lead in the middle of a drawing, so there's only 3 today. Hopefully I'll remember where I keep my replacements when I wake up. But here's tod...


Work doodles 3/25/9

Middle of the week, I've got a burrito in the fridge for when I wake up, and I have juice, life is alright at the moment. Anyhow, here's today's batch of drawings, hope you enjoy! My first attempt at River City Ransom, and won't be the la...


Work doodles 3/24/9

Another day another batch. Thankfully I think it was the fever that was keeping me from getting ideas, so here's today's batch, more ideas! Banjo is a bear, bears are big, bears are loud. Luigi dreams and makes Yoshi feel awkward. Om ...


Work doodles 3/23/9

Well after almost a week of being sick, and having a fever for 3 days I'm finally feeling better, and I'll be honest, I couldn't think of crap during that time. So hopefully the creative juices are coming back to me now. Let's hope... Here'...


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