Arika video hints at possible mechanics update for Fighting EX Layer

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Everybody do the side-step

A new video from developer Arika appears to tease an update in the works for cult fighting title Fighting EX Layer — The video, which sees Fatal Fury‘s Terry Bogard facing off against FEXL‘s Allen Snider was released by the developer ahead of Japan’s EVO 2023 tournament, which takes place in April.

The key reasoning behind the new video seems a little obscure as of this writing, though said video was followed up by a newer, better-looking version — suggesting that Arika is currently working on something in regards to the Street Fighter EX spin-off title. The most notable moment of this video sees Allen Snider perform several side steps, Tekken-style. This seems to suggest that a “Dodge” ability might be in the works — which would add a 3D element to the 2.5D fighter.

A brief note accompanying the video references EVO Japan, and also asks fans to be patient with the quality of the video and its effects. The summary of this confusing content drop appears to suggest that Arika has something to show us at EVO Japan 2023, and that it might be a Fighting EX Layer update, complete with new mechanics and, potentially, tweaked visuals and special effects. Of course, we will be sure to give you all a heads-up once Arika’s plan has been properly explained.

Fighting EX Layer launched on PS4 in the summer of 2018. Following a series of free post-release characters, the title would be successful enough to encourage Arika to develop a PC port later that year. In 2021, a complete edition titled Fighting EX Layer Another Dash was released for Nintendo Switch.

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