Animal Crossing amiibo cards get firmer dates, pack details

100 cards, different sizes by country

The first set of collectible cards with amiibo functionality are releasing at the end of this month, July 30, in Japan in conjunction with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. In Europe the cards launch October 2 alongside the game. In both territories, card packs are blind (you won’t know what cards you’re getting), containing three cards, including one special card.

There are 100 cards total, at least to start, and the packs are selling in Japan in 300 yen ($2.40 in exchange thanks to the flagging yen).

In America and Canada, however, card packs contain six cards each. While the cards are still nebulously dated for fall, I assume they’ll launch September 25, which is when the game will be available in North America.

Does anyone remember the GameCube Animal Crossing‘s eReader cards? Fashion is cyclical, or something.

Also, where the fuck is Bob, the cat?

Animal Crossing Amiibo cards launch 2nd October [Eurogamer]

Steven Hansen