Animal Crossing 3DS video and info blow out

Nintendo held a live stream presentation for Tobidase Dobatsu no Mori (roughly translated as Animal Crossing: Jump Out) yesterday, and the sheer amount of hot Animal Crossing facts that blasted our faces were unprecedented. Anyone who’s followed the Animal Crossing series from the start knows that the series is all about minutia, and that includes the amount of changes that are made from game to game. This new title for the 3DS continues that trend, though there a few new editions that seem like quantum leaps into the future, at least by Animal Crossing standards.

As a diehard fan of the series, my jaw dropped when I saw the return of the tropical island, that K.K. Slider had become a part-time D.J., that you could swim down to the ocean floor, and that you can now enter a massage-induced dream world. It almost felt like too much, until I saw that the dream world in Animal Crossing looks exactly like the regular world in Animal Crossing. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The new stuff don’t stop there. Hit the jump for a full rundown of the newly announced features, along with videos from our homeboy Nintendaan

Nintendo Direct (Animal Crossing 3DS) – live-stream/blog [GoNintendo]

New town features

– Some characters might set up a tent and camp outside
– Visit the recycle shop for various materials
– Help out your in-game friends with purchasing decisions
– Use your office (as mayor) to make decisions on putting things in town
– You pick a location for construction to begin on the items you plan on adding
– Megaphone is a new item which lets you gather people
– Shoe store offers up boots/shoes for sale
– Museum store allows you to make custom-made signs

New design features

– Tom Nook can help you make design changes to your house
– Capture and sell your own critters
– Dr. Shrunk returns at the club
– You can now have many more emotions, all of them will be saved
– Design and sell your own items, which can eventually change during the process
– Much larger selection of colors this time around when designing

New Streetpass features

– View the homes of people you StreetPass
– Trade items with StreetPass as well
– Take picture via photobooth, bottom screen displays the picture you’ll take

Massage Dream World

– Visit a massage parlor that helps to relax you and put you into a dream stage
– Ability to explore the town of someone else

New music and D.J. K.K.

– Early morning music is calm, dawn the music is more upbeat, afternoon is more pleasant-sounding music, nighttime the music has more base, late night music gets mysterious
– KK Slider takes on the role of a DJ at the club, as well as his regular guitar gig, tons of new songs of both styles

– Shake your ass at the club all night long

New Island and swimming

– Travel via boat to an island and enjoy a song at the same time
– Grab items from the bottom of the sea
– Collect rare bugs as well
– Mini-games and various stores when you visit the island by boat
– Tortimer is the host of mini-games and wears a tropical shirt
– One mini-game has you trying to navigate a maze to collect a certain item


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