Analyst thinks the Nintendo NX will ‘cannibalize’ 3DS and Wii U sales

I mean, probably

For months after the confirmation of Nintendo’s NX platform, many analysts (and Nintendo themselves) kind of just brushed it off as a “new thing” that wouldn’t impact any part of Nintendo’s business. But now, after learning that it’s likely going to be a new console, they’re worried that it will in fact eat into the sales of 3DS and Wii U units.

According to analyst Junko Yamamura at Nomura Securities, Nintendo is aiming to make the NX available before the year’s end, with a “concept unveiling” before E3, a reveal in June, and an October to November launch. Yamamura is concerned because 3DS sales “have been weakening” recently after it’s been out for six years, and the climate is now harsher than it was before.

I mean, it makes perfect sense. Nintendo is claiming that this will be something different and revolutionary and that you should still buy lots of Wii U and 3DS games because it makes business sense. If this is a true third Nintendo system with exclusives, I doubt a lot of people could afford all three.

Nintendo Slips: NX To Eat Into 3DS, Wii U; Nomura Cuts Target [Barron’s Asia]

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