Amiibo may not work on the subway, but the New 3DS does

In Japan, of course

People have been having Fun With Subways and Amiibo ever since the video of some folks in Russia trying to use the Nintendo toys for a free ride. Jonathan Holmes of tried to game the system in Boston. Alas, beeps, but no entry. 

The New 3DS and 3DS XL (LL in Japan) can be used to abet your daily commute, however, NewLaunches reports. JR East trains in Japan will let you wave your 3DS–connected to your Suica account–in place of the adorable, penguin-emblazoned plastic card. I still have mine from TGS. Hope to use it again one day. 

It isn’t a huge deal–cellphones in Japan have had this capability for sometime–but it’s neat! I’d like to have my San Francisco transit card embedded on my phone. Maybe not my 3DS. 

Pay for your subway ride using the Nintendo 3DS LL [NewLaunches]

Steven Hansen