amiibo-ho! Ken, Young Link, Daisy figures all dated for April


2019 is off to the races are far as amiibo are concerned, reinvigorated by the recent launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Ice Climbers, King K. Rool and Piranha Plant were just released worldwide this month, bringing the total amiibo figure count up to 183.

While a bunch more Ultimate amiibo are bound for a 2019 release we have now narrowed down three more: Daisy, Young Link and Ken are all slated for April. You can actually find them up for pre-order now at retailers like Best Buy: at the time of this article pre-orders are still live.

As always, I provide a running updated list of every confirmed amiibo so far since their 2015 debut. Check it out!

Nintendo of America [Twitter]

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