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All hidden chest locations – Root of Nightmares raid Destiny 2

Yet more hidden secrets

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As is often the case in Destiny 2, Bungie’s new raid contains some hidden secrets. Two of these secrets are hidden chests that give players another chance to get a good roll on weapons or armor they have already earned in Root of Nightmares. Since the loot in the raid is unique to that particular content, it is highly sought after and a good roll could be the difference between an average build and a fantastic one.

Guardians can only earn loot they have already discovered from hidden chests in every raid in Destiny 2, aside from the Wall of Wishes chest in the Last Wish raid. Having said that, raid mods and Spoils of Conquest will still drop, and the mods can be ones that haven’t been discovered by that player just yet.

Where to find the first hidden chest

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The first hidden chest is located in the section between the first and second encounters. There are some white roots that Guardians need to traverse upwards. Continue heading up and look up to the right, you’ll see a small alcove. This alcove leads to another room, where Guardians must follow the hallway before heading right and then going down the stairs.

In the room ahead you’ll encounter a Tormentor and some other enemies. Defeat all of these enemies before heading up the short flight of stairs to collect the first hidden chest. Notice that behind this chest is a giant figure of the Winnower. This is very notable for those of us that follow Destiny 2 lore.

Where to find the second hidden chest

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The second hidden chest is located in the jumping puzzle section between the second and third encounters. It’s extra tricky to reach this one as you’ll need to time it so that all players have the Darkness Refuge buff to survive the devastating waves that kill your entire team.

There’s a door leading out of the puzzle area and towards the third encounter which has a low platform nearby. Jump onto this platform and shoot the crux which will open a door somewhere else nearby. To find it, turn around and go up the stairs before heading into the temple. The chest is in the middle of this room with some handy light and dark refuge points nearby.

How to get the Oxidized Lead shader

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As a reward for finding both of the hidden chests in Root of Nightmares, Guardians will complete a Triumph in their game. Completing this Triumph will reward players with the exclusive Oxidized Lead shader. There is no other way to obtain this shader, so get seeking out those hidden chests if you want to adorn your Guardian with a brand-new shader.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is out now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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