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How to complete the Scission encounter in Destiny 2

Climbing the root

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So you’ve beaten the Cataclysm encounter in Destiny 2‘s newest raid, The Root of Nightmares. Now what? After a short traversal, you’ll soon find a large root that needs climbing with three different floors. Much like the first encounter, you’ll need to connect some Traveler orbs that spawn across the platforms, but this time there are also darkness nodes to connect. Split your fire team into two teams, left and right, with one person on each team responsible for crossing the cavern between the platforms.

All three Guardians on each side should stand in the orb’s aura to collect the buff. After shooting the orb to collect the buff, the orb will point to the next location. Defeat enemies that spawn while the nodes are being collected. Some will have a white or dark glow around them. These can only be damaged by those with the correct buffs, so ensure that you’re always regaining the buff to progress. After all the nodes on one floor have been connected, a Centurion with a glow will spawn. Be sure to kill this Centurion or you cannot progress to the next floor.

Gaining height

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As you progress up the floors the nodes that need to be connected become more and more, and the enemies become tougher. For the two Guardians on each side that aren’t crossing the gap, be sure to keep on top of clearing enemies. There are Barrier enemies throughout this encounter so ensure that someone on each side has something available to stun them with. Keep an eye on when the Centurions spawn to make sure you can progress upwards throughout the encounter. There are three floors to defeat and the mechanic is simple, but communication is vital. You’re now two encounters through the raid, so keep going!

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