How to get the secret red border chest in Root of Nightmares Destiny 2

Secrets, and more secrets…

Destiny 2‘s newest raid, Root of Nightmares, has been out for one week on the dot now and Guardians globally are finding it more accessible than most of Bungie’s end-game content. Regardless, the raid still provides a challenge to all players, and have been seeking out guides as they look for the most efficient ways to tackle the interesting mechanics that flow throughout the stunning new environment.

The raid takes place on board the Pyramid ship that the Witness commands during the opening cutscene for Lightfall, so it’ll come as no surprise that there are secrets and lore to collect throughout the location. One such secret is that there is a way to guarantee an additional chest at the end of the raid which will contain a red-bordered weapon. With Bungie’s adjustments to the way weapon crafting works, this means you’re guaranteed one pattern towards the five required to be able to craft the raid weapons.

How to unlock the red border chest

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There are two hidden chests throughout Root of Nightmares, but we’re focusing instead on a puzzle that Bungie has hidden deep within its new raid. The puzzle itself is very simple but finding the locations to complete it is a little more difficult. To find the code to solve the puzzle, you’ll need to head down as you enter the raid and stick to the left. You’ll soon come across a wall blooming with flowers, and three flowers specifically have some special orbs to show you.

There will be a combination of light or dark orbs, resembling the ones that Guardians have to connect together throughout the raid’s encounters. Take note of the order they are in – for example in our image above the combination was Light – Dark – Dark. Write that down, you’ll need it later. This order will change randomly and must be noted at the start of any raid run if you want to guarantee the additional red border chest after defeating Nezarec.

Where to find the secret rooms

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There are three secret rooms to find in order to complete the puzzle. The first one can be found just before the first encounter. Before going outside the Pyramid, look to the right and drop down. Against a wall, you will see a small hallway and a set of stairs that go down. The first orb is in here. Be sure to only connect the correct color orbs otherwise you will fail the puzzle.

The second secret room can be found during the jumping puzzle between the second and third encounters of the raid. Around halfway through the jumping area, there is a floating temple room. Head inside and connect the correct colored orbs inside to continue.

The final room is found just before the final boss encounter with Nezarec. While heading up the root, look down to spot a strange relic shape in the sky. Jump on to this and head to the right. Look up and you’ll see a concealed entrance to the final puzzle room. Connect the final correct orbs and a message will appear that reads, “A great harvest awaits…” This is the confirmation that you have completed the secret red border chest puzzle and the additional chest will spawn next to the normal one that drops when you defeat Nezarec.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is out now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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