All Delibird Presents locations in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

All Delibird Presents locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 1

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As we’ve talked about before, any given individual item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be huge. Some of them enable an evolution, others open up quest opportunities, and others level up or buff your Pokemon. One of the best ways to easily pick up some of the rarer items in the game are through Delibird Presents: which is the name of a series of shops throughout the region of Paldea.

Here’s where you can find all the branches! Remember to fully zoom into the map, and look for the gift bag, as well as the text “Delibird Presents.”

There’s three Delibird Presents shops in Mesagoza (south of the world map)

As soon as you complete the tutorial, you’ll have full access to Mesagoza: the capital academy city.

There’s actually three Delibird Presents shops here to peruse, all of which can be found in the gallery above:

  • Southeast of the city, right as you enter on the right
  • On the southwestern end of the city
  • Far west of the city, before the west gate

There’s two Delibird Presents shops in Cascarrafa (northwest of the world map)

Cascarrafa is a bigger hike, but you can also walk right up to it even if you aren’t planning on battling the gym leader there.

There are two Delibird Presents shops in Cascarrafa (exact locations in the gallery above):

  • In the northwest corner of the town, on the highest level
  • In the eastern mid point of the town

There’s one Delibird Presents shop in Levincia (east of the world map)

Levincia city just has one Delibird Presents shop, and it’s in the furthest point north, in a collective of shops above the main part of the city.

It also has its own flight path if you need to quickly go back and forth.

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