Cascarrafa gym completion guide Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to find the water gym and fight its leader

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In all likelihood, the water gym in Cascarrafa could be a spot you visit very early, and conquer with no problem. The gym leader Kofu’s laid back personality also extends to his gym battle series, which is really low stakes, and only involves three total combatants. If you started with Sprigatito, you may even be able to take this gym out while under-leveled. Plus, he has one of the lowest effort gym tests in the game.

So without further ado, here’s how you do all that!

Locating the Cascarrafa water type gym

Cascarrafa is a lovely little town that can be found in the western quadrant of the map, closer to the northern side of Paldea. The exact location is in the gallery above.

When you actually reach the gym, you’ll be greeted with an unorthodox gym test: an errand. All you need to do is go to Porto Marinada, which is northwest of Cascarrafa, right above the desert. Just take the road north and you can’t miss it.

Beating the Cascarrafa gym test

Once you’re there, you’ll automatically deliver Kofu’s wallet (he’s in the middle of the town, underneath the canopy), where he’ll ask you to pass a “gym test” after fighting one of his acolytes.

It’s an auction for a recipe ingredient, and Kofu will give you 50,000 Pokedollars for the task. Just outbid the other two NPCs and you’re good to go (I got the winning bid at 45,000). Bid slowly and you’ll eventually win in this highly scripted section.


Beating Kofu, the water gym leader

Again, Kofu is extremely easy, and Pokemon that can make short work of water Pokemon are plentiful: including the flying Pikachu mystery gift. Your Sprigatito will also work (grass and electric are the focus here on your end).

Here are Kofu’s Pokemon (note that he will terastallize his third):

  • Veluza (level 29, water)
  • Wugtrio (level 29, water)
  • Crabominable (level 30, water/ice, terastallized)

When you win, you’ll get TM022 – Chilling Water.

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