Alien Syndrome might be the next 3D Classic from Sega

It’s already been tested

Sega has an entire retro library to draw from whenever they feel like hitting their fans with a calculated dose of nostalgia, and it’s mostly paid off for them with the 3D Classics line. Going so far as to take more care than Nintendo itself when it comes to reproducing these games for the 3DS, developer M2 has been a fantastic example of how to handle re-releases.

Based on an interview conducted by Sega itself, it seems like Alien Syndrome is the next logical choice. Evidently “Alien Syndrome, Golden Axe, Turbo Out Run, and even Columns” were looked at, but Syndrome was singled out in particular, and was even tested to see how it would run, which turned out “great.”

I’d be up for any of these honestly, given how well they turn out. I was never crazy about Alien Syndrome but I’d give it another shot!

Sega 3D Classics Collection Developer’s Interview Part 2 [Sega]

Chris Carter
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