Bring your best tea tray and clompy shoes to the AKIBA MAID WAR!

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Maid in Japan

It appears that the fanservice fanatics over at CyGames are getting set to launch a brand new franchise, following on from its application for “Akiba Maid War” with The Japan Trademark Association.

Cygames, renown for cutesy cult franchises such as Granblue Fantasy, The Idolmaster, and Dragalia Lost, was granted the trademark on May 10, picking up the domain name for the property soon after. No details were revealed as to the context of Akiba Maid War, with only a simple logo released so far. As noted by Gematsu, the Japanese text “Akiba Meido Sensou” is a fun pun, as “Meido” is phonetically pronounced “Maid” but as written is the word for “Underworld.”

That’s all well and good, CyGames, but frankly, I just want my tea and biscuits. Failing that, I just want to dress up as a maid. No doubt we will hear more about Akiba Maid War as the year progresses, as it’s getting to be about that time. Maybe it’ll be a great third-person console adventure, maybe it will be a garbage gacha mobile game. Until Cygames is ready to spill the tea, it could go either way. Schrodinger’s Maid, if you will. (You won’t.)

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