After two failures, the third Pokemon Sun and Moon global challenge is on the way

Third time is a charm?

So uh, about those Pokemon Sun and Moon global challenges? We failed both of them.

A number of things could have contributed to this, in spite of the game’s monumental record-setting sales. Recently, I mused that a lot of people didn’t even know how to access the challenges, as they’re buried within menus of menus inside of room inside of a virtual space in the game. There’s also the very realistic scenario that a lot of folks picked up the game due to hype, and have no interest in “catching them all” or even beating the story, much less completing esoteric challenges.

So we’re left with two failures (catching 100 million ‘mons and scanning one million), and a third is on the way. This time we’re tasked with simply trading Pokemon through the GTS, though the actual numbered goal has not been shared. It’ll run from January 31 until February 14, so we’ll get those details soon enough.

I think Game Freak should increase the rewards and make these challenges bi-monthly instead, and you’d probably see a lot of renewed interest. Several people I know only heard of the first two missions near the end of their expiration — because again, they don’t consistently go to the Festival Plaza. Better yet, update the game and have the Pokemon Center announce them and run them through the attendant.

If this one fails, something needs to change.

Tuesday: Pokémon Sun & Moon Global Mission [GoNintendo]

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