After nearly two long years, Ghost of Tsushima support might be done

Ghost of Tsushima support

“We aren’t actively working on any additional patches at the moment”

Ghost of Tsushima support has seemingly come to a close, based on a statement from developer Sucker Punch’s own patch notes.

At the very bottom of the rundown for patch 2.18, the studio put out the following statement:

“While we aren’t actively working on any additional patches at the moment, we will continue to monitor feedback on the community-run Gotlegends subreddit and messages sent to @SuckerPunchProd on Twitter for any high priority bugs or issues that emerge”

Sucker Punch thanks fans for playing, saying they did not expect to “have such an active community more than a year and a half later.” This is amid a heap of fixes for Legends, as well as several small single-player alterations.

I have to say, it’s been a fantastic run. Not only did we get a good amount of content updates and quality of life patches, but we also saw the release of the Legends multiplayer component, and a full expansion. At this point it’s safe to say that Sucker Punch is likely working on their next game: whether that’s something completely new, or a follow-up to Ghost of Tsushima, or potentially both, in a preliminary fashion.

I might be the only one asking, but how about a new Sly Cooper?

Ghost of Tsushima Patch 2.18 Legends

  • Fixed a bug where a teammate’s health could momentarily dip below zero, counting as a “death” in Custom Mode and Raid Trials that occasionally prevented the Hidden Heart cosmetic from unlocking
  • Added a PS4 Save Import button to Legends standalone builds (Transfer PS4 console Save). Be sure to click “Yes” on the Legends import prompt
  • Shared Wounds no longer breaks Assassin out of the Vanish skill
  • Added a new Fill Party goal, Custom Mode – Perfect Completion. This will allow people looking to earn the Hidden Heart cosmetic to search for matches separately from those looking for a different Custom Mode experience
    • All Legendary Katanas gain Stance Master perks by default, including on stances unlocked via perks. If you already have a Stance Master perk unlocked, it will be free to reroll to a new perk
    • Legendary Charms can now roll perks and properties previously limited to class exclusive charms, if the Legendary Charm is bound to the specified class.
    • Significantly lowered resolve gains of Black Powder Bombs
    • Skipping Stone Bow no longer generates extra resolve from the ricochet arrows
    • Added Munitions perk to Caltrops and Demon Seeds
    • Reduced the drop rate of Black Powder Bombs, Flash Bombs, Fire Arrows and Piercing Arrows dropped from the Munitions perk
    • Melee Resolve Gain property maximum value increased to 25%
    • Fire Damage property maximum value increased to 20%
    • Assassinate From Above Damage property maximum value increased to 50%Item adjustments:
    • Samurai skill Deep Strikes increased to +25% Melee damage
  • Fixed bug where Black Powder Bombs did not count for some Mastery Challenges
  • Fixed a bug where Silver and Gold Survival missions showed incorrect mission modifiers
  • Fixed a bug in Survival where a Ghost dying in the brief period after the final wave, but before the scoreboard caused some missing rewards
  • Fixed a very rare bug where the Legends tutorial was impossible to complete

Ghost of Tsushima Patch 2.18 Single-player

  • Increased Silk inventory held by New Game Plus merchant
  • Fixed dialogue and cutscene issues in single-player
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