Capcom statement backs ESA support of SOPA

You may recall that, last week, a number of high-profile publishers quietly backed away from the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) currently under consideration in the US House of Representatives. It was quickly pointed out that industry lob...


Office Chat: The ESA is a smoke screen for SOPApillas

It's time again to join us for another casual conversation from Destructoid's virtual office. In this installment, Dale North struggles against incredible adversity in the forms of serious-minded Twitter users and a neighbor's dog. In more...


ESA bad, ECA good

Recently, we've been chatting quite a bit about the Entertainment Software Association, and its involvement with SOPA. The ESA is a trade association, looking after the interests of videogames while pretending to fight for free speech and g...


ESA still fully backs SOPA, issues statement of support

The Entertainment Software Association has addressed recent discussion of its involvement with SOPA, confirming to Joystiq that it has no intention of withdrawing support. The controversial bill, which maintains growing popular disapproval,...


An open letter to the ESA

Dear Entertainment Software Association, Last year, when free speech in the videogame industry was threatened, you asked for help from gamers. The famous Brown v. EMA/ESA case provided a landmark ruling that protected videogame content...


Study links games to mental health problems in children

Ok, are you ready for this? The Entertainment Software Association has pre-emptively criticized a soon to be published study by Douglas Gentile which supposedly shows a link between gaming habits and mental health problems for participants ...


Chicago Public Transit forced to allow M-rated game ads

The law is sometimes a slow and ponderous beast, but it eventually makes up its mind. Way back at the end of 2008, the Chicago Public Transit system banned M-rated games from being advertised on the sides of buses and the like. In reaction ...


68% of households play videogames

That's a pretty high number, right? The ESA recently completed a study called 'Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry 2009' that looked at the demographics of those playing video games and how they've changed over the ye...


Crave, Koei and PlayLogic join the ESA

Things didn't look so good for the ESA last year, with major companies such as NCSoft and LucasArts abandoning ship and all the not-so-hot feedback about E3. The ESA obviously saw the need to make a change, and this the announcement that th...


ESRB demands Ninja Gaiden II launch trailer removed

Yes, seriously. In what may be the most arbitrary and silly decision yet made by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, Destructoid has been asked to remove a launch trailer we posted for Ninja Gaiden II in May 2008. Despite the fact tha...


ESA celebrates the Pirate Bay convictions

You must surely be aware by now that the founders of popular file-sharing site The Pirate Bay have recently been convicted of breaking copyright law and are due to be imprisoned for one year. Frederik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Carl Lun...


ESA doubles number of scholarships to aspiring game designers

We know that Destructoid's audience isn't just game players. There's game makers in the bunch, as well as people who aspire to be. They'll be pleased to know that the ESA Foundation has now doubled the number of scholarships available to up...


E3 2009's exhibitor list looks good, is growing

When we interviewed ESA president Michael Gallagher, he told us that the "old E3" would be back in some form. This was welcome news after the craptastic last couple of years we've attended. I remember taking a quick break with my ...


NCSoft waves goodbye to the ESA

The ESA confirmed today that NCSoft has officially left the organization, marking the seventh departure this year (Activision, Lucasarts and idSoftware were a few of the others to leave).The reasoning behind this is more likely financial th...


ESA lobbies Congress to help import some talent

There's an old joke about Mexico and the Olympics: the reason Mexico can't field an Olympic team is that every Mexican who can run, jump, and swim has already immigrated to the United States. That's about the extent of my immigration joke r...


ESA picks up a former RIAA executive

It looks like the Entertainment Software Association wants to put a bit more crackdown in their crackdowns of copyright infringement with the addition of a former Recording Industry Association of America executive to their team.Kenneth Do...


Gamecock's Mike Wilson announces running mate

[video]94777:50[/video]After the news announcement yesterday that Gamecock president Harry Miller was boldly supporting current ESA prez Mike Gallagher rather than his business partner, Mike Wilson, the general consensus around the Dtoid of...


Crave Entertainment is next to leave the ESA

Crave Entertainment has become the fifth company to part ways with the ESA, GamePolitics reports. Although no official announcement has been made, GP has learned from one of its sources that Crave now joins the ranks of Activison, Vivendi, ...


LucasArts joins Activision, leaves the ESA

A few weeks ago it was revealed that Activision had left the Entertainment Software Association, taking Vivendi with it, and we hinted that others might soon be following their lead. Well, it's now been confirmed that LucasArts is the next ...


Activision leaves ESA, takes Vivendi, others may go

Earlier today I ran a story about Activision not attending E3, and running its own separate event during the week of the expo. With no further details, we were ready to sit back and wait on news, but I just got contact from one of my inside...


New ESA president Michael Gallagher should do us proud

Washington Post's technology columnist Mike Musgrove called new ESA head Michael Gallagher to see if he would be up for a video game showdown, which was really an attempt to see if Gallagher knew his stuff.Apparently the telecom industry ve...


ESA boss pushing for a political voice for gaming

The good news just keeps coming. Following ex-ELSPA boss Roger Bennett's outspoken comments against the recent treatment of videogaming by the powers that be, the new head of the Entertainment Software Association has unveiled plans t...


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